For foreign customers

Welcome to GYM valor!!

We want to help foreigners living in Kyoto to live healthy and happy lives.

This gym is open 24 hours a day and has perfect security.

You don't have to change your shoes and if you have tattoos, no problem.

The virtual bike exercises will get you excited and in shape!

The interior is fun and uplifting.

We hope you find it useful for your workout.

Here is a brief guide to our gym.

Please feel free to contact us.


①GYMFree ¥7,480-/month
②studio+ ¥13,750-/month
③Ticket ¥1,100-/month
¥1,650-/each time
④Spot ¥2,300-/each time
⑤DropIN ¥3,300-/each time
⑥Trial ¥2,200-
⑦PT Free LIGHT ¥22,000-/month
⑧PT  Free Training ¥27,500-/month


Unlimited use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to go at your own pace without worrying about time and money, this is the way to go.



Unlimited use of the gym for 24 hours and 18 studio lessons/month at valor-fitness studio-.

If you want to join of the studio lessons too, by all means, this is the one! The studio is a minute walk away.



Member fee: 1,100 yen/month

Per-use fee 1,650 yen.If you only use it up to 3 times a month, this is a good deal.



As long as you join, you do not have to pay a monthly fee.2,530 yen for each use.



No admission fee and no monthly fee are required.One-time use.One-time fee 3,300 yen



Trial.Available only for the first time.



This plan includes 30 minutes of personal training once a week.The gym is available 24 hours a day.


⑧PT  Free Training

This plan includes 45 minutes of personal training once a week.The gym is available 24 hours a day.

※tax in

Admission fee of ¥11,000- is required for all membership except DropIN/Trial.



It will probably be displayed in Japanese.

If you want to change it to English, change the language setting of your browser to English.

If you are unsure or concerned, please contact us at the email below. Our staff will assist you. Free tours are also available here.

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